Let's play football together


We look for new players who is between 11 to 18 years. We accept all players who is interested in exchange and share your time with Japanese players. We are happy to give you trial session before you deciding to join our team, please contact us at any time.

Club is offering all of our players - Freedom
- Orderly
- cooperate

We believe good players should have good personality. We aim to develop their personality based on above three points.

To develop players personality, We have motto such as - Once you start should try to end
- You should try even if you slower than others
- Difficulties gives you become a hero
- Desire will make your dreams come true

To contact us for any inquires, Please send e-mail to:
Sending email in English is available.

Club information

Category Tokyo-to Club Youth Soccer association
Under 15 to 18 years ( high school grade in Japan )
Area Setagaya-ku
Practice date Monday Wednesday Friday( 3 days a week )
( Games on Saturday Sunday or Public Holiday )
Training Camp Spring and Summer holiday
Competition Club Youth Cup, Takamadomiya Cup, T-League U-14,U-13, Club Youth Cup U-18, Town club CUP U-18 etc.
Oversea Training Camp Brazil ( Player who wants )Spring holiday for 2 weeks
We offer several exchange countries such as Brazil, England, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Portugal
Management Organization Esperansa Sports Project.Ltd
Fellow football recruiting Seeking for soccer players
We are registed Tokyo-to Youth Soccer Associtation team. To develop personal skills through to competition and offer opportunity to go oversea training camp for players.


ブラジルサッカー留学 | プロメテウスEC
一般社団法人【国際スポーツ文化交流協会】は、 個人情報保護の重要性に鑑み、「個人情報の保護に関する法律」及び本プライバシーポリシーを遵守し、お客さまのプライバシー保護に努めます。